Nochur Sri Venkatraman belongs to the parampara of sages like Adi Sankara and Ramana Maharishi. He is not a ‘swami’ in the usual sense and yet devotees call him so considering his realization.Upanishadic wisdom flows through him with unsurpassed clarity. His discourses on Bhakti and Jnana reflect the genuine source of wisdom in him. He lives the simple life of a family man and yet the Atmajnana proves that he is a Rishi.

This is not an official website of Nochur Sri Venkataraman. This site is maintained by a devotee to list the programmes of ‘Swami’

This website and its contents are intended to provide general information and programme details of Acharya Sri Nochur Venkatraman. The content is for informational purposes only and is updated by a group of Devotees directly under Acharya. Please don’t encourage the comments and references about Acharya in other websites and media.

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